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“Trump Benchslap” May 2018

May 11th, 2018

We call this LGBT Law Notes episode of the LeGaL Podcast “Trump Benchslap.” That’s because a district court hearing one of the challenges Trump’s hateful transgender military ban saw right through the Administration’s attempt to dress up the same old ban with some fresh paint. The Administration also suffered a tatol defeat in an asylum case before the 9th Circuit. Trump’s favorite Circuit.

We will begin by chatting about these cases with Professor Art Leonard of New York Law School. Art is the chief editorand writer of LGBT Law Notes, the most comprehensive monthly publication covering the latest legal and legislative developments affecting the LGBT community here and abroad.

Then, we will chat with LeGaL's legal director, Brett Figlewski about a NY case involving a child who was conceived and raised by the three individuals in a tri-parent arrangement. 

And of course, Art will be surprising us with his choice for our "Of Note" segment.

Hosted by Eric Lesh, Executive Director of the LGBT Bar of NY (LeGaL)

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