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The Looming October SCOTUS Term

September 17th, 2018

LGBT Law Notes Episode!

Host, Eric Lesh, talks with Professor Art Leonard of New York Law School. Art is the chief editor and writer of LGBT Law Notes, the most comprehensive monthly publication covering the latest legal and legislative developments affecting the LGBT community here and abroad.

Topics include:

  • Supreme Court Faces Petitions for Review of Rulings on LGBT-Related Issues as October Term 2018 Nears;
  • Repeated Victories for Transgender Student Bathroom Access During Summer 2018; and
  • 7th Circuit Ruling Creates Federal Precedent to Protect Older Gays in Residential Facilities.

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Update: ADF sent a letter to the Court Clerk, suggesting postponing the consideration of Zarda and Bostock petitions until the Oct. 26 conference.

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