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BiLawrriors: All about the B in lgBt.

September 20th, 2018


Host, Eric Lesh, talks with Nancy Marcus, co-founder of BiLaw and writer for LegallyBi. 

Sept 19-26 is Bisexual Awareness Week, and Septender 23rd is Bi Visibility Day.

On this episode we talk about the nearly five million adults in the U.S. who identify as bisexual. In case you were wondering, bi people actually comprise more than half of the entire LGBT community, yet bi people are often erased from the LGBT movement, our political discourse and even litigation.
So today we are going to talk with THE expext in this area, Nancy Marcus. Nancy is an out bi lawyer and LGBT rights activist. She is a co-founder of BiLaw, the national organization for bi lawyers, law professors, law students, and their allies, and is the author of "Bridging Bisexual Erasure in LGBT-Rights Discourse and Litigation." Nancy is a former colleague of mine at Lambda Legal, and she is also a dear friend.
After our Podcast conversation, Nancy was so inspired by my nudging her that she should be doing even MORE to help bi-inclusion in LGBT-rights advocacy along (because that's what friends do, nudge each other), she asked me to spread the word to any lawyers out there who want help framing strategically effective bi-inclusive arguments (and, possibly, helping with amicus briefing) that she would love to hear from you at


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